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Louisiana High School Athletic Association Media Policies & Procedures

Note:  Please pay close attention to the application deadlines during the credentialing process.

The goal of the Louisiana High School Athletic Association is to provide the media with a credentialing process that is easy to follow. Our objective is to provide a first class, professional environment for working media, and to provide extensive, hospitable services during state tournaments. We recognize the difficulty of covering the state championships, and we acknowledge the rights and responsibilities of bona fide media representatives as they cover and report on these events. The LHSAA appreciates the positive publicity our schools and athletes receive as a result of your work.

Reputable news-gathering organizations will understand the need for the LHSAA to have the following policies and procedures for media attending and covering our tournament events.

Please note that the following policies apply only to competition conducted by the LHSAA member schools during the LHSAA championship events. Failure to comply with the following polices and procedures will result in your outlet having its credential privileges suspended by the LHSAA.


In order to better accommodate the media for information on penalty rulings, the Executive Committee chose to adopt a concrete policy on how the LHSAA will issue information to media outlets and the public.

Each penalty ruling will be released to the media 24 hours after the LHSAA has notified the school(s) involved in the infraction. This will allow schools adequate time to inform and notify whomever they need to about the violation before it is open to the public.

Due to liability issues and potential legal ramifications with information involving minors, the Association will not release any individual’s name or personal information.

Media Credentials

The LHSAA Championship events are a once-in-a-lifetime experience for most of the participants and as such, the LHSAA and its site management personnel must demand stricter clearance and behavioral standards.

All credentials must be worn and displayed at all times and are only to be used by full-time and/or significant part-time employees. Those employees must be 18 years or older and in a legitimate working capacity. LHSAA media credentials are not for the use of children, sponsors, friends, family, spouses, parents, or other individuals not representing a legitimate media outlet.



Note: The deadline to apply for media credentials varies per LHSAA State Championship sporting event, check the credential application form.


The LHSAA has the right to limit the number of media credentials a media outlet can request for championship events depending upon the media outlets purpose and coverage.
Below are some general guidelines the LHSAA follows when approving media credentials.

Weekly Newspapers will be limited to two (2), one writer and one photographer, media credentials.
Television News Stations will be limited to four (4) media credentials.
Radio Stations will be limited to three (3) media credentials.
Daily Newspapers will be limited to three (3), two writers and one photographer, media credentials.
Websites/internet news outlets are considered on a case-by-case basis.


The LHSAA will make every effort to provide a phone line for the purpose of filing stories and photos at State Championship Events. For questions regarding phone lines for print media, please contact  the individual facility manager at the event.


The LHSAA prohibits the sale of photographs from LHSAA State Championship Events, and will not credential any photographers whose photos will be used for any purpose other than legitimate media coverage. Photography is only to be used by legitimate news gathering agencies. RomaPics is responsible for distributing and selling photos at State Championship events.


The LHSAA will provide phone lines and arrange for press box space for radio personnel for LHSAA State Championship Events. Press box space may be arranged by contacting LHSAA Director of Communications and Media Relations Tiara Gibson or the individual facility manager at the event.  You must agree to the terms and conditions presented in the Request Credentials procedure before your station will be allowed to broadcast.


Television stations must make prior arrangements with the LHSAA Director of Communications and Media Relations (Tiara Gibson) when setting up a live remote or stand-up shots at all Championship Events. We appreciate and encourage such shots, but want to ensure the easiest arrangements for all parties involved.; this will save everyone time and help alleviate potential problems with event security.

All footage shot at the LHSAA state championships will be used for highlights only. Any other use is strictly prohibited.

The NFHS Network and/or Cox Sports Television provide exclusive live streaming and TV broadcast for the sports of: volleyball, football, wrestling, boys and girls soccer, boys and girls basketball, softball, track and field, and baseball (2017-18 schoolyear). Sports not included in this list are available to be streamed or televised. Please contact the LHSAA for specific rates and more information.


Requests will be considered on an individual basis.  


The LHSAA does not issue media credentials to college coaches, recruiting services or scouts.


School yearbook/newspaper writers and/or photographers must complete the same credential application as the professional media. Please see the deadline for credential applications on the application itself.

In addition to the application, a letter signed by the school's principal on school letterhead must be submitted to the LHSAA (see contact information at the bottom of this page) at least three calendar days prior to the beginning of the tournament requesting a tournament pass for its yearbook and/or newspaper staff member. The individual must have proper school identification to receive his/her credentials to enter the event.

Maximum two (2) credentials granted to:

One (1) student and one (1) adult faculty advisor
One (1) photographer and one (1) videographer

Photos shall be limited to only the school's team members while in competition and/or presentation of awards. Photos taken during an event may not be sold or used in any capacity outside of the purpose(s) of their school’s yearbook and/or newspaper. The LHSAA has an exclusive photography contract with RomaPics.


At the LHSAA State Volleyball, Football and Basketball Championships a formal postgame press conference will take place in an interview room. In most instances, the losing coach will precede the winning coach in the rotation, and all immediate postgame interviews must take place in the interview room. All one-on-ones, etc. must take place after the press conference.

Postgame interviews must be conducted off the playing court or field, in an LHSAA-provided interview room. These interviews may not begin until the official trophy presentation has concluded. Only the LHSAA, Cox Sports Television (CST), and/or the NFHS Network have the right to conduct post game interviews on the court or field. NO EXCEPTIONS.


Unfortunately, parking at most of the LHSAA Championships is at a premium, and media specific parking is only available at select venues.

Drink refreshments and food are available at some events when possible, but representatives should be prepared to provide their own meals. All LHSAA Championship Events have easily-accessible concession stands or vending areas, so be prepared to plan your food needs around the event itself.


Louisiana High School Athletic Association
12720 Old Hammond Hwy
Baton Rouge, LA 70816

Media Contact: Tiara Gibson
Media Email:
Media Phone: 225-300-4205

Sportswriters Association (LSWA) Officers

  • President: Lenny Vangilder, Crescent City Sports
  • Vice President: Raymond Partsch, Daily Iberian
  • Secretary: Bruce Brown, Lafayette Advertiser (retired)
  • Treasurer: Kent Lowe, LSU; Jason Pugh, Northwestern State
  • High School Liaison: Robin Fambrough, The Advocate-Baton Rouge

Assignments & Contacts for LSWA All-State Nominations

  • Alexandria (LaMarr Gafford, The Town Talk)
  • At-Large (Lori Lyons, The L’Obervateur)
  • Baton Rouge (Robin Fambrough, The Advocate)
  • Hammond (Josh Preston, The Daily Star)
  • Houma-Thibodaux-Morgan City (Kelly McElroy, Houma Courier)
  • Lafayette (Trey Labat, The Advertiser)
  • Lake Charles (Warren Arceneaux, American Press)
  • Monroe (Cody Futrell, Brett Hudson, The News-Star)
  • Ruston (T. Scott Boatright, Daily Leader)
  • Shreveport (Jimmy Watson, Luke Thompson, The Times)
  • For a complete listing of Districts and Classes represented by the above list click HERE and check out the last page of the pdf.

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