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Let’s Move in High School!

Posted: 08-17-2014 | Categories: LHSADA, LHSCA, Administrators, Parents & Students

I’m sure we all can remember a time in our lives when the best part about the school day was recess – it was a time for running, jumping, playing on the playground and just being active with our friends!

Unfortunately, statistics show that only one in about three children nowadays is considered to be active each day. Research also indicates that kids who are active do better in school and every day activities. Better test scores, improved attendance and better behavior in class are all byproducts of those who are more active.

It’s not too late to start moving more no matter how old we are! We encourage all of our student athletes and the students at our member schools to take part in becoming more active by moving more each and every day.

You may even consider joining First Lady Obama’s efforts in her Let’s Move! initiative by speaking with representatives at your school to become an Active School – one that incorporates at least one hour each day for its students before, during and after school.

For more information on the Let’s Move! Active Schools program, visit

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