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LHSAA Celebrates President’s Day

Posted: 02-13-2013 | Categories: Administrators, Parents & Students

The month of February gives us many reasons to celebrate or honor deserving individuals. For Louisianans especially, February brings Mardi Gras season and all the festivities that surround it. The Oscars take place in February; even casual entertainment fans usually enjoy that. The month of love also serves as Black History Month, which recognizes many outstanding leaders who paved the way for the success and freedom of future generations.

Let’s not forget that President’s Day is also observed in February. The United States Presidency and the LHSAA share and respect many crucial values: leadership, dedication and respect among others. In fact, many former Presidents shared the same success on the field as in politics. Below is a list of past US Presidents who were also athletes:

  • Theodore Roosevelt – Boxing and Tennis (Harvard)
  • Dwight Eisenhower – Football (West Point)
  • John F. Kennedy – Swimming and Football (Harvard)
  • Gerald Ford – Football (University of Michigan)
  • Jimmy Carter – Track and Field (U.S. Naval Academy)
  • Ronald Reagan – Football, Track and Swimming (Eureka College)
  • George H.W. Bush – Baseball (Yale)

The pattern is incredible. It goes to show how involvement in athletics can help build character worthy of being our Commander in Chief, and even if your dreams are a bit smaller, the notion is still the same. Happy February from the LHSAA!

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