To direct and regulate the interscholastic athletics of our member schools while promoting fair and equitable competition that is in the best interest of the student-athlete.

Does the LHSAA receive State Funding?

No - We are a voluntary organization and do not receive any funding from the state government. As a non-profit organization, we receive funding through several avenues:

  1. School membership fees
  2. Sponsorship and advertising
  3. Championship event revenue

How many events does the LHSAA sanction?

109 sanctioned championships in 27 sport programs

Who do we serve?

The LHSAA governs approximately 390 member schools and certifies the eligibility of nearly 90,000 student athletes, 8,000 coaches and 5,000 officials annually.

Who should contact the LHSAA directly?

We are a principals' organization and only deal directly with our member schools.   Please contact the principal at any member school, and he/she should be able to assist you.  If the principal needs clarification, he/she can then call this office on your behalf.

What factors determine eligibility?

Some factors include: age, GPA, home attendance zone or where they reside, length of semesters.  Your member school principal can give you greater detail on eligibility.

How do I find out what my home attendance zone is?

School zones are determined by the local school board.

How does my school become a member of the LHSAA?

A non-member school desiring LHSAA membership shall make written application and shall supply the Executive Director's office with all requested information. In order to become a member and remain a member of the LHSAA the school applying or re-applying for membership shall:

  • Be recognized and approved through the Louisiana State Department of Education
  • Provide the Executive Committee with a true and accurate accounting of its student enrollment in all grade levels
  • Have its principal sign an agreement to abide by all LHSAA rules and regulations
  • Have a minimum of 75 actual students in the school in grades 9-12. This enrollment shall be based on the school’s enrollment as of October 1 as verified to the Louisiana State Department of Education of the school year in which the application is to be considered.

Before a school can be admitted as a member of the LHSAA, its application shall be approved by a majority vote of the Executive Committee. A school's application shall only be considered by the Executive Committee during the week of the annual convention held in late January of each year.

Who creates the playing rules for Louisiana high school athletics?

Unless otherwise adopted, the rules governing the various high school sports, as published by the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS), shall be the rules governing high school athletics in Louisiana. These rules are known as the National Alliance Rules.

Who makes up the LHSAA rules?

Many of the present articles in the constitution were part of the original LHSAA constitution adopted in 1920.  Today, through the LHSAA’s legislative process, rules can be added, deleted and amended by member school principals.  Each year, member school principals can propose changes to the Constitution or By-Laws, if the proposal is in writing and received no later than November 15.  Timely received proposals are then put on the agenda of the General Business Meeting where principals vote to adopt or reject each item.

Who is eligible for a coaching card and what is the process for ordering the card?

Coaching cards are issued each school year to principals and assistant principals and to faculty and non-faculty coaches who meet the requirements to be a coach and are serving in a coaching capacity at any LHSAA member school.  The card is obtained by the school after each coach – faculty and non-faculty – is entered on the school’s online information and money is received by the LHSCA.

Here’s a quick synopsis:

  • Principal verify coaches currently listed on their school’s online information – add new coaches, delete coaches no longer there, and make any changes of information to coaches on the roster.
  • Principal send list of coaches he/she wants to receive a card along with a check for $40 for each card.  LHSAA in turns verifies all are eligible for the card and issues cards for the coaches, principal, and assistant principal.  Principal and assistant principals do not pay for their card.
  • Cards can be obtained during entire school year up until about April 1.
  • An individual cannot get a card without going through a school.